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Douglas Pier Loch Goil

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Douglas Pier lies on the western shore of Loch Goil, toward the northern end of the loch. The origin of the pier may date as far back as the late 1850s, when it was probably built to facilitate local development and the occasional excursion

World War II

Described as having been closed in 1942, it was then taken over for use as a naval station, or base, for submarine testing. The station was said to be involved in SONAR work, manned by a Captain Percy together with a number of scientists, one named as Max Cape, assisted by several WRENS. The station is said to have been visited by a number of submarines during World War II, including miniature types, which would still have been classified at the time.[1][2]

The pier forms part of the Loch Goil Noise Range.


Loch Goil is also home to a Z-Berth, consisting of two mooring buoys. Described as one of the most frequently used of such berths in Scotland by nuclear submarines, which routinely visit the area to have their mine signature assessed.


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