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Denny D1 Hovercraft

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Denny D1 Experimental Hovercraft.jpg, Source: Korunk technikája, Gondolat, Budapest, 1964.
Denny D1 Experimental Hovercraft
Via: Korunk technikája, Gondolat
Budapest, 1964

The Denny D1 Hovercraft was an experimental hovercraft built by William Denny and Brothers Ltd, generally referred to as Denny. The Denny yard was situated near the junction of the River Clyde and the River Leven, but the yard was on the Leven.

D1 sidewall hovercraft

Denny D1 Story New Scientist, 29 June 1961
D1 Story 1961 New Scientist

The Denny D1 was described as a 'sidewall hovercraft' when it was featured in the New Scientist magazine of 29 June 1961.[1]

The hollow sidewalls provided partial support for the craft, with their buoyancy taking about 1 ton of the total 4.5 ton load from the air cushion. Drawing about 1 foot without the cushion, this reduce by about 4 inches when the cushion was present, making the craft suitable for operation in shallow water. While this meant it was no longer amphibious, this was not relevant to the craft's intended use as a ferry. The idea had been to provide a compromise between the speed of a hovercraft and the efficiency of a ferry. The sidewalls formed two narrow hulls on either side of the hovercraft, confining the air cushion and reducing leakage by about two third. Fuel consumption was also improved, since conventional marine propellers could be used, rather than air propellers. Tests showed minimal spray and quiet operation, since the D1 was driven by outboard motors.

Testing of the D1 took place on the Measured Mile at Parklea, established there by Denny specifically for testing of the experimental design.

Archive film

The D1 can be seen at the start of this film about William Denny & Sons Leven shipyard, Dumbarton, but only in the first minute or so. There is no sound, which is unfortunate, since the presenter is explaining the design.[2]

D2 hoverbus

Denny D2 on Thames at Parliament, No source as this was an online jigsaw
D2 on Thames at Parliament

The D2 was launched in 1963, able to carry about 70 passengers. Originally designed for the Navy, but rejected by the Interservice Hovercraft Trials Unit (IHTU), Denny Hovercraft Ltd (William Denny and Brothers Ltd had been Liquidated in 1963) launched a hoverbus service on the Thames, and D2 002 travelled 600 miles to London to take up its new job. At Ł1 per trip, the service was not cheap. Four D2s were eventually constructed.

A model of D2 002 can be found in the Denny Tank, Dumbarton.[3]

Denny Tank & D2 Hovercraft Model


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