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Crossaig Bombing Range

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A Bombing Range has been described near Crossaig, on the east coast of the Kintyre peninsula. The observation posts have been located at NR838522 and NR833506 in local reports. Described as an offshore range (no land targets), no remaining evidence of the towers is described, but there is an account of a fatal air crash on the beach. The report tells of a survivor being pulled from the wreckage by a WREN stationed in one of the range towers, however he did not survive his injuries.

November 18, 1943. Swordfish HS448. Said to have crashed on the beach while using the bombing range at Crossaig, near Skipness, the crew did not survive. Named as R Hoskin, Sub Lt RNAF; JCA Benstead, Ldg Airman RNAF; and ? Cuthbert, Sub Lt RNAF.

Crossaig has also been described as a D-Day Gunnery Range. The Royal Navy would sail to Kilbrannan Sound and carry out Gunnery Practice from the Sound into the Kintyre Hills. Their objective was a small loch located in the area between Crossaig and Ballochroy, probably Loch Garasdale. Ballochroy Glen is still reported to have a sign warning Persons Entering the area of danger of unexploded shells.

The condition of the observation posts at Crossaig is unknown, and it is not known if they, or any remains, survive.

Skipness Bombing Range

The surviving towers of the Skipness Bombing Range can be found to the north, a few miles further along the coast.

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