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Craigend Decoy

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Records indicate that a World War II Starfish decoy was located on the summit of Muirhouse Muir, north east of Mugdock, north of Glasgow. Part of the . Site number C15f . The site may also have been known as Craigend or Loch Ardinning.

The site was visible in aerial photographs taken by the RAF in 1945, which showed three depressed areas that could have accommodated fires baskets used to divert enemy bombers. The location of the decoy control bunker was not identified from the photographs, but the nearby Muirhouse farmsteading has been suggested as possible base for the operators.

The record describes the decoy as QL decoy, which is actually the designation for a lighting decoy, and as a fire decoy, this would be expected to be QF.

With no bunker, and only depressions marking the original site, there are no remains.

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