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Concrete Beach Dalchenna

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A concrete beach and concrete ramps which marked a World War II training area have been reported at Dalchenna, on the western shore of Loch Fyne, south of Inveraray.

The description is of a series of concrete ramps on the shore, which cross the road and continue into an area which is said to have become a conifer plantation in later years, but was then an accommodation camp. The beach and ramps are reported to have been built for the training of Combined Operation personnel, based at HMS Quebec, Combined Training Centre CTC Inveraray.

Accomodation camp

World War II remains, 2006
World War II remains
© Patrick Mackie

Although there does not seem to be any official record of a military camp in the surrounding area, there are remains of structures which clearly date from the period lying in nearby woods, near a location which has been developed as a caravan site, the Argyll Caravan Park.

This may be the area referred to in our report, as the description was simply given as "where the road leaves the coast at Dalchenna", and did not clarify the location further, and there are at least two possible interpretations. Mapping shows the presence of a number of slipways on the shoreline to the east.

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