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Cochno Hill Edenbarnet Decoy

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Records indicate that a World War II Civil Starfish decoy site was located on the south side of Cochno Hill, north of Duntocher and Clydebank. Part of the . Site number C15c . The site may also have been known as Greenside Reservoir.

Aerial photographs taken in 1947 show that a decoy site was located on the north side of an access track leading to Greenside Reservoir, and runs close to Loch Humphrey Burn. The records also note evidence of an enclosure lying some 300 metres to the east, and two structures 150 metres to the north. The decoy is described as both QL (lighting) and QF (fire).

Examination of the location given for the decoy shows that there are three concrete hut bases remaining beside the track. This suggests the location is not that of the actual decoy, which would have been located a safe distance away, but the control bunker or buildings that the personnel would have controlled it from. The buildings would have provided shelter for the personnel, safe storage for the fuel that would feed the decoy fires, control gear to release the fuel and trigger the fires, a petrol or diesel generator to power the decoy lighting, and electrical switch gear to control the lighting.

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