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Coastal Battery Dunoon

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Dunoon coastal battery was located in the ground surrounding Dunoon Castle during World War II, and was installed to guard the western end of the Cloch Boom which ran from the Cloch Lighthouse in the east, to the shoreline at Dunoon, near the Rock Cafe, and just south of the modern breakwater constructed there in 2006.

Records indicate that two guns were mounted between 1940 and 1945: a 40-mm Bofors gun, and a MkI 12 pounder.

The Bofors was a quick firing (QF) gun, used for anti-aircraft defence, and would appear to have been mounted on Castle Hill, on the summit of the castle motte (hill), 63 feet above the 12 pounder.

The 12 pounder was reported to have been mounted on the shore, where the crazy golf course can now be found on the concrete base which formed its foundations. The record indicates that this was a QF MkI 12 pounder, number 1343, however there does not appear to be any record of such a size in the British Artillery records we have reviewed for further details.

Although there are no remains of the guns or battery to be found, the foundations survive on the summit of Castle Hill, and under the crazy golf course.


It is believed that the statue of Highland Mary, which now stands prominently on the hill, was removed for the duration to prevent damage.

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