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Clauchlands Point Boom

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Hamilton Island, from Clauchlands Point, Arran, 2006
Observation post looking across
the entrance to Lamlash Bay
© L J Cunningham

The Clauchlands Point Boom was a World War II anti-submarine boom installed to the protect the north entrance of Lamlash Bay, Isle of Arran.

The entrance to the bay, and the boom defence, were monitored and controlled from an observation post located on Clauchlands Point, on the north side of the entrance.

The observation post faces south east, and was constructed to a standard pattern, comprising a two storey brick structure with a concrete roof, which still stands on the site.

There are no records indicating the location of any mooring points for the boom, or of any other supporting structures or buildings such as a boom depot.

A local report tells us that down the hill from the observation post pictured above there appears to be some sort of access to underground workings - now flooded and with a tree growing - adjacent to a 6 ft x 3 ft concrete block which has six mounting bolts located around its perimeter, and which may have been a boom anchor point.

From this point, another (unrecorded) observation post is reported, and looks directly across the water towards the northern tip of Holy Isle. This is accompanied by another brick structure with concrete roof which shows the effects of having being so close to the sea - the roof is missing a sizeable chunk of concrete from its underside, and rebar (internal metal reinforcement) is breaking away.

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