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Cats Castle Cardross

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Cats Castle, 2011
Cats Castle
© Lairich Rig

The Cats Castle, originally known as Hazelwood, lies just outside and to the west of Cardross, on the south side of the A814 Cardross Road.

The house dates from 1888, and was built for Robert Craig, Sheriff-Clerk of Dunbartonshire. He has been described as the ultimate cat enthusiast, and had the outside of the building embellished with elaborate climbing cat sculptures, leading to the cat nickname which eventually replaced the original name.

Although there are a number of references to 'feline sculptures' on the building, so far none of these can be seen in online pics.

It is not clear if the omission of the apostrophe in the building's name is intentional for some reason, or is just an an error that has been propagated, but none of the records seen to date have included its use.

In November 2016 the house sold for £665,000 and previously in September 2003 for £415,000.

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