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Carnan Mor Radar Station

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NATS radar on Carnan Mr, 2008
NATS radar on Carnan Mr
Gordon Brown

Carnan Mor Radar Station is sited to the north of Ben Hynish on the island of Tiree, and is the NATS (National Air Traffic Service) radar installation on Carnan Mr. Carnan Mor Radar Station was installed between 1983 and 1986, and provides radar coverage of the Atlantic approach to the UK for civilian air traffic. Its data is compatible with military radar systems, permitting its integration with the Air Defence Ground Environment (ADGE).

The command and control structure which facilitates air defence comprises the NATO Air Defence Ground Environment (NADGE), which includes sites stretching from northern Norway to eastern Turkey, the Improved United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment (IUKADGE), and the Portuguese Air Command and Control System (POACCS). These systems integrate the various sites which are equipped with modern radars, data processing and display systems, and are linked by modern digital communications. Weapon systems, the command and control system, and procedures will evolve into the NATO Integrated Extended Air Defence System (NATINEADS).

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