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Blairmore Mine

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Adit, 2010, Fox

Blairmore mine was located in the hills above Blairmore on the western shore of Loch Long, about 11 miles north of Dunoon. Entry to the mine is by an adit which lies on the north bank of the Blairmore Burn, about half a mile above Blairmore Farm.

A tunnel extends into the hillside for approximately 50 feet, with a side branch leading off, and the main tunnel then continues for a similar distance. No chambers or rooms are noted.

According to local information, the mines were worked for tin, but the historic records for the site identify this as a lead mine, and which was made up of a number of mines. This difference may be accounted for by the story the mines were worked by tin miners who were recruited from the mines of Cornwall.

On the north side of the burn is evidence of some sort of linear, man-made structure, and this appears to run most of the way to the nearby road. The feature appears to be the remains of a narrow ditch with an embankment on the southern side.

There also appears to be a small spoil heap near the mine, but the apparent lack of any worked areas anywhere within the tunnel - where material would have been extracted - seems to indicate they found little or nothing of any value.

A block of four cottages lay near the mine, and it is assumed that these were originally provided for the recruited Cornish miners. By the 1960s, the two cottages at the southern end of the site lay empty and semi-derelict, and continued to decay until a demolition order was issued. However, they were saved when a developer took over the site and renovated the two derelict cottages into one large cottage in the early 2000s. Oddly, the house still has two staircases. The other two cottages were renovated, turned into a single property, and a large extension added at an unknown date. A date of 1876 is carved into a modern date stone set on one of the new buildings.


Looking in, 2010, Fox
Looking in
Looking out, 2010, Fox
Looking out
Modernised Castle Cottages, 2010, Fox
Modernised Castle Cottages
Castle Cottage date stone, 2010, Fox
Castle Cottage date stone


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