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Bishop's Glen Fire Watcher's Post

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Bishop's Glen fire watcher's post was sited in the forest to the west of Dunoon on the Cowal peninsula.

The post was abandoned, probably by the 1970s, and the only evidence now (2008) remaining on the site is the concrete platform that would have formed the base of the fire watcher's hut. The base is overgrown and moss covered.

Information received by email:

There was a small shed with windows all round which was used for firewatching in the fifties/early sixties. There was also a telephone line which led off, towards Innellan I think, as this was part of Corlarach Forest.

If it is the same place, it is on a small hill which gave a good all round view of the surrounding forest while the trees were small, and could be seen from many parts of the town.


This feature may be wrongly identified, although more than one source has offered the description of a fire watcher's post.

Recent updates to online OS maps have given more detail on the 1894 and 1946 sheets for the area (6-inch to the mile), and both of these show "Targets" at the approximately the same location as given for this post, with no other indication of any other features located there.

There is no other indication on the maps, such as "Rifle Range", or of butts or range steps, so it has not been possible to carry out further identification of the type of "Targets" being depicted.

Use the Canmore and Scotland's Places links given below to gain access to these maps for reference.

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