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Belhaven School

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Belhaven School lies some 20 miles east of Edinburgh, in Dunbar, a resort town on the North Sea coast.

During World War II, Belhaven School was requisitioned for training, and used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a Special Training School, designated STS54b. Used as an SOE Signals Station or Section, agents were sent there to be trained as wireless operators.

More than just training is said to have taken place there: Teams of operatives worked round the clock at Belhaven, decoding messages sent from France in morse code, forwarding to General Command in England. From Swords, Loaves and Fishes: A History of Dunbar by Roy Pugh.

After the war, the school returned to educational use, and is now a co-educational school for children aged from eight to thirteen. The majority of children attending the school are boarders, with a number of 'day children' in the younger years, giving a roll of about 120 pupils:

The well-being of the individual child is central to the care we provide; and that care is the key to our success. We accentuate the positive and we deprecate the negative. We believe there is too much emphasis these days on Rights and not enough on Duties and Responsibilities. We treat the children with warmth and understanding and we value enthusiasm, tolerance and a sense of humour.

- Belhaven Hill School

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