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Auchincarroch Rifle Range

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Auchincarroch Rifle Range lies about one mile to the east of Alexandria and Jamestown, in an area also shown as Auchencarroch on modern maps, and is not a single range, but a complex of four.

Old maps show that that the ranges run roughly parallel to one another, on a line roughly west to east, and having the targets to the east and the firing steps the west.

Their appearance on the maps suggests they date from around the turn of the 20th century, and may have been modified for use during World War II.

Later mapping, dating from just after World War I, shows that the simple layout of the two parallel ranges was replaced by a much more complex arrangement of ranges and targets just to the north of the original ranges, which is assumed to have been created in response to the conflict. In general, these ranges ran from west to east, with firing steps up to 600 yards leading to targets and butts lying to the east. Four sets of steps, targets, and butts can be identified, together with one marked as an 'Old target' to the extreme east of the site, but not forming part of any of the ranges, and actually lies behind the targets and butts of the 500 yard range.

From north to south, the four range lengths were:

  • 600 yards only, no intermediate steps
  • 500 yards, steps at 100 yard intervals
  • 300 yards, steps at 200 and 100 yards
  • 100 yards, no intermediate steps

It is understood, from local reports, that the ranges remained in use until some time during the 1960s, when they were closed as part of a wider reduction in the number of such facilities.

There do not appear to be any surviving remains related to these ranges, and a minor road or track now runs through the area it once occupied.

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The line below is only intended as a guide to mark the approximate centreline of the area occupied by the four ranges, rather than any one range.


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