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Ardmore Boom Depot

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Ardmore boom depot may have been a World War II anti-submarine defence depot which lay in the area of Ardmore Point, about two miles west of Cardross on the north shore of the Firth of Clyde.

Numerous references to the "Cardross boom" have been noted in wartime reminiscences made by personnel posted to, or passing through, the area during the war, but no specific details have been identified with regard to its location. The reason for this may lie in the name of the village of Cardross being easier to identify for strangers to the area, being associated with the railway station they would have passed through at a time when most signs had been removed to thwart enemy spies.

Local reports have also identified buildings, possibly large Nissen huts, to the west of the railway line, in the area of a siding controlled by the Ardmore West signal box. During the early 1960s, the area was used to scrap old railway coaches. The northern part of the site is now occupied by a sewage works.

Proposed Admiralty Boom Defence Depot

The National Archives of Scotland (NAS) contains a record from the British Railways Board regarding a proposed Admiralty Boom Depot at Ardmore. The record is provided with a latitude and longitude pair for the site, however, as can be seen from the map below, this appears to be in error as the point lies far inland and distant from the LNER siding where it would be expected to lie. The former site of the siding has also been marked below.

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