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Ardhallow Anti-Submarine Station

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Local reports tell of a World War II anti-submarine station at Ardhallow, said to have been located at 55° 55' 29.8"N 4° 56' 26.9W, and described as having "Bristled with aerials". The area lies beneath the site of Ardhallow Coastal Battery, which was located on the hillside to the west.

The co-ordinates given lie near the A815 coastal road, which was widened during the 1970s, leading to extensive reworking of many areas near the road. There are no remains from the period at the given location, and there do not appear to be any readily available historic records relating such an installation on or near the site. Records of indicator loops and degaussing stations in the area do not provide any further references to related installations nearby.

Any references that may be offered would be gratefully received in order to establish the status of this report.

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