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Airth Decoy

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Records indicate that a naval Starfish decoy QF (fire) site was located on Letham Moss, south west of Airth. Site Number RO9.

The site was identified in aerial photographs taken in 1946, described as being a circular area of some 50 metres diameter, with an enclosure 300 metres to the west, and a possible engine room (to provide power) to the northeast, near Linkfield Farm. The historic record is confusing, describing the site first as "A Naval SF/QL type decoy", then noting "The layout of the installation has the appearance of an oil QF, rather than a Naval QF (small fire decoy), QL (lighting decoy) or SF (starfish decoy)."

There are no remains of the decoy site, as the area of Letham Moss had been subject to extensive peat cutting by 1988.

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