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Achmelvich Castle

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Achmelvich Castle, 2006
Achmelvich Castle
© Alan Partridge

Achmelvich Castle, also known as the Hermit's Castle, is located near the beach at Achmelvich on the Assynt peninsula in the northwest of Scotland.

The structure is built of poured concrete and was completed in February 1952 by a young, newly qualified, architect named David Scott from Norwich, who saw the area and was attracted to it. Despite its appearance, it is quite small, with boxed windows, a fireplace with chimney, and one small room with a concrete bed. It is said the structure was abandoned after being slept in for only one night, and that Scott left the area soon after the castle was completed.

It originally had glass windows and a door, but these have been lost, reported to have been vandalism back in the 1970s.

It now serves as a bothy (basic free accommodation) for walkers.[1]


1 Scottish fact of the day: Achmelvich Castle - The Scotsman Retrieved July 04, 2015.

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