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AAOR Craigiehall

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A Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR) was built at Craigiehall, home to Army Headquarters 2 Div, established on the outskirts of Edinburgh during World War II, where it remained until disbanded in 2012.

The Craigiehall AAOR covered the zone of the Forth and Rosyth anti-aircraft gun defended area (GDA),[1] and was constructed between 1953 and 1954 to a standard design, approximately 130 metres northwest of Craigiehall House. According to an RCAHMS report, the Craigiehall AAOR was responsible for controlling all the (Cold War) anti-aircraft defences covering the entire area of Scotland.

Due to the active military nature of the site, the interior condition of the AAOR is unknown as it has never be visited (either officially or unofficially), but like all such installations, this Cold War AAOR was becoming obsolete almost as it was being built, and the room is known to have undergone a subsequent change of use, and been used as a magazine.

The semi-buried structure has a flat concrete roof and is surrounded by a revetment and protective earth banking which lies against the southwest wall of the room. The banking is separated from the other three walls by a brick retaining wall topped with concrete coping stones. This provides a path around the room, accessed by openings in the northwest and southwest corners. The room measures 18.8 m x 6.2 m.


1 Subbrit:RSG:sites: Craigiehall. Site Name: Craigiehall - 3 Group, 12 Brigade AAOR serving the Forth/Rosyth GDA Retrieved April 08, 2012.

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