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AA Battery Mamore

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A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited to the north of Peaton Road, half a mile east of Coulport. Site number AN6. Part of the , the battery was known as Mamore.

The battery is described as having four emplacements, a GL Radar ramp and mat to the northwest, and an accommodation camp to the northeast. 3-inch guns are reported to have been mounted in 1942, and removed by 1945.

Development of the Royal Naval Armament Depot (RNAD) at Coulport to the north west involved the construction of new road by the MoD to accommodate the transports being to move nuclear weapons to and from the depot, as the old rod over the hill was unsuitable for large and heavy vehicles which formed the transport convoys. Construction of the depot and the road led to loss of the battery site as the area was used to store spoil from the required works. The only evidence which may be found in relating to the site are sections of concrete road which would have provided access to the site.

Site visits

A site visit carried out during March 2007 confirmed the information regarding the loss of this battery site, with little to be found which could positively related to the battery.

A walk over the general area of the battery revealed the partial remains of one building and two hut bases in the ground approximately 150 metres northeast of the location recorded for the site. Early reports regarding the battery made no mention of evidence of an accommodation camp related to the battery, so the purpose of the buildings is unconfirmed. Later OS mapping identifies the area only as a sheepfold.

Circular ground markings visible in some aerial imagery has been found to be nothing more than areas where fodder has been dropped for livestock.

A further site visit was carried out during 2008m and discovered six similarly sized hut bases arranged in a line across the hillside, and subsequent discussion with RCAHMS led to further evidence being discovered on aerial photographs dating back to 1945 and 1966. These photographs showed the battery lying to the north and northwest of Peaton Road, and that no guns were mounted in 1945. They also confirmed a GL Radar ramp with mat to the northwest at NS22528714, and an accommodation camp on the west side of the minor road from Mamore farmstead at NS22508698, north of the later sheepfold. An additional item was noted at NS22738692, a small concrete tower, which had been reduced to its foundations in the 1966 image.


Nearby building remains - unidentified

This base carries a yagi aimed at the Faslane naval base
This base carries a yagi directed
towards the naval base at Faslane
Debris filled base and entrance recess
Debris filled base and entrance
Building partially recessed into hillside
Building partially recessed into
An extra room or shelter once sat over the entrance
An extra room or shelter once sat
over the entrance
Building entrance with access to recesses
Building entrance with access to

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