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AA Battery Liberton

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A World War II anti-aircraft battery was established at Liberton, to the south of Edinburgh. Site number EDG2. Part of the . Liberton House, a restored mansion, lies approximately 250 metres northwest of the former battery site.

The battery was equipped with four gun emplacements, two magazines with blast walls, a command post, and GL Radar. Records indicate that the battery was armed with four 3.7-inch guns during the war. An accommodation camp was located nearby, to the southwest, and RAF aerial photography from 1946 shows the camp to have contained at least 18 huts.

Site visit

A site visit in 2008 found all the buildings to be extant, with the emplacements being of Type L construction, with the addition of a crew shelter on each emplacement. The command post is of Type 1, also with additions, extending west of the instrument pits. The area of the GL Radar mat remains clearly visible on the ground, where it was levelled out of the hillside.

The battery remains fairly well preserved in fields behind Tower Farm, and adjacent to Liberton Kennels. Some parts of the site have been used by the kennels, and for stabling horses.

No significant evidence was found to the southwest, in relation to the accommodation camp.

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