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AA Battery Kilcreggan

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Gun emplacement, 2007, Fox"
Gun emplacement

A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited to the north west of Kilcreggan, on the south side of North Ailey Road, Cove. Site number AN3. Part of the , the battery was also known as Hamlet Hill.

The battery was equipped with four emplacements which records indicate mounted four 3.7-inch guns, and had a GL Radar mat to the northeast. Aerial photographs from 1948 appear to show what appears to be a second battery on the site, and this is believed to have been an unarmed dummy battery. These batteries were seen on two distinct sites, one (genuine, according to the records) to the north of South Ailey Road, complete with magazines, and the other (decoy) to the south. A military accommodation camp was sited to the southwest of the road, and from the photographs had at least 37 huts, mostly Nissen types, with several concrete bases also visible. The site could be seen to be under demolition when the 1948 photograph was taken.

Site visit

A site visit made during March 2007 found the emplacements, command post, and evidence of the magazines still present on the site on the north side of South Ailey Road, together with ground remains of the accommodation camp on the south side of the road. One of the buildings, the purpose of which was initially unknown, has since been identified as a brick link connecting two Nissen huts. Only one other similar brick link has been identified, at AA Battery Mugdock.

RCAHMS Research

Examination of a 1941 photograph attributed to Flight F309 showed the GL Radar mat to have been octagonal and covered the area northeast of the emplacements which survive to the north of South Ailey Road, and can be identified in online aerial imagery as an area of gorse and scrub. The old photograph also showed existence in 1941 of a further four emplacements in the field to the east of the field containing the accommodation camp. Current aerial imagery shows a track running from northwest to southeast and ending partway across the field. This may be the remains of the access road to the four addition emplacements noted in 1941. The later imagery also shows shallow earthworks which may be associated with the demolition of the site. No information has been noted to determine whether or not the additional emplacements were decoys.


Gun emplacement re-used, 2007, Fox
Gun emplacement re-used
Instrument pit, 2007, Fox"
Instrument pit
Latrine, 2007, Fox"
Unidentified building, 2007, Fox"
Unidentified building

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