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AA Battery High Mathernock

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Rear of command post, and two emplacements
Rear of command post, with
two emplacements behind

A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited south of Port Glasgow. Part of the . Site number AS6. It was known as High Mathernock, or Mathernock Bridge.

The battery was equipped with four emplacements (TYPE M) mounting 3.7-inch guns, a command post (TYPE B), and an accommodation camp to the southeast.

Much of the site remains, with a number of hut bases surviving in the field to the south east of the battery.

Site visit

A site visit was carried out during 2007. This confirmed that some 25 hut bases visible in online aerial images were still present in the field to the southwest of the battery. There was also an almost complete first settlement tank, and largely collapsed second tank from the camp sewage works which was located near the burn at the bottom of the field.

A large concrete base was found in the corner of the main field next to the road, together with about two dozen large reinforced concrete beams lying nearby.

Emplacement 1 has had one of its shelters demolished, and the roof lies nearby with a pile of bricks.

The open magazine in emplacement 4 appears to have had a small window in the southern wall, which has been bricked up. Outside the building, a small concrete roof panel lies on the ground together with some demolition debris. Another small roof panel was noted nearby, but there was no evidence of where it belonged.

This battery has a Type B command post, so there was no separate instrument pits, and the instruments (smaller than those used in a separate pit) were operated from a platform built into the post.

Several heaps of demolition rubble lay nearby, but contained mostly stone blocks, so are probably not related to the battery.

There was evidence of a possible ramp for GL Radar next to the command post, and one old telegraph pole seen below the building.

A large brick built air raid shelter was noted in the garden of High Mathernock Farm, next to the lane.

A brief visit late in the year found a new house under construction on the land at the back of the farm, and that the brick built air raid shelter had been removed.

(Additional info received during 2010 stated that this building was not actually an air raid shelter, and that it did not lie on the site of the new house, but no other details were provided.)


Command post interior with cable trench in floor
Command post interior with cable
trench in floor
Gun emplacement. Metal barrier is not original
Gun emplacement. Metal barrier
is not original
Concrete hut base in area of accommodation camp
Concrete hut base in area of
accommodation camp
One of the sewage tanks sited near the burn
One of the sewage tanks sited
near the burn

Short video of the site: High Mathernock AA Battery

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