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AA Battery Flatterton

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Emplacement and magazines
Emplacement and magazines

A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited to the south of Gourock. Site number AS4. Part of the , the site was known as Flatterton.

The battery was equipped with four emplacements, a command post, and magazines. Two further emplacements, of a different design, were added later. A GL Radar ramp and mat for a Mk II mobile unit were located to the northeast, while an accommodation camp was located in the field to the northwest. Aerial photographs taken in 1947 showed the battery site and the six emplacements, noting that the two later additions were larger than the originals, octagonal, and each provided with four ready use magazines. Later photographs taken in 1988 also showed the complete battery was still on the site. Records of arming the battery are unclear, with reports that 4.5-inch guns were mounted from 1942 to 1943, but other documentation indicates that 3.7-inch guns had been supplied for this battery. This may be explained by the presence of two different types of emplacement.

Site visit

A site visit carried out during 2007 found that that the main battery construction was of brick, while the later emplacements were were observed to have been constructed from concrete blocks.

Although most of the emplacements and building have been reduced to grass mounds, two recognisable emplacements remain, together with remains of the additional emplacements. Concrete bases belonging to the huts which formed the accommodation camp could still be found in the ground to the northwest.


Probable remains of battery magazine
Probable remains of magazine
Remains of additional emplacement
Remains of additional emplacement

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