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AA Battery Easterhouse

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A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited near present day Easterhouse, Glasgow. Site number GNG1 (early), N1 (later). Part of the , the battery and associated camp were known as Hallhill, and lay near the the present Ware Road.

The battery was equipped with four emplacements, reported to have mounted mounted four 3.7-inch guns, with an accommodation camp located to the east. Official reports suggest an earlier set of emplacements may have been installed just west of the later items.

The adjoining barracks were still occupied by the army in 1949 and press reports also mention squatters living in some of the empty huts.

There are no surviving remains of the battery, which has been lost to housing development and the construction of the adjacent M8 motorway.

Geographically, it would have been more accurate to name it Bartiebeith, the area on which it was constructed. Later development of the area has seen Easterhouse migrate to the west from its original historic location.

Hallhill Camp, centre group, c. 1950
Hallhill Camp, centre group

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