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AA Battery Bogside

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Emplacement, 2007, Fox

A World War II anti-aircraft battery was located to the south of Langbank, Renfrewshire, on the south side of the River Clyde. Site number GSG9 (early), S9 (later). Part of the , the site was known as Bogside or Gallahill Wood, and was near Bogside Farm.

The battery had four emplacements, reported to have been armed with 3.7-inch guns, a command post, two magazines, and an accommodation camp to the west.

Much remains on the site, although the command post and one of the magazines have been buried.

Site visit

Part buried magazine, 2010
Part buried magazine
© James T M Towill

A site visit carried out during 2007 confirmed that much of the battery has survived. The magazine to the northeast was found to have been almost completely buried, the command post had been completely buried, and the third emplacement had been cleared of its shelters and ammunition stores. The remaining emplacements were substantially complete, and the walls of the ready use ammunition stores still had the wooded pegs which supported the ammunition racks.

Possibly related to the battery and its former accommodation camp, or perhaps the farm, an old brick-clad water tank was noted a short distance from the site, on the summit of a nearby hill.


Ammunition ready store, 2007, Fox
Ammunition ready store
Magazine exterior, 2007, Fox
Magazine exterior
Magazine interior, 2007, Fox
Magazine interior
Hilltop water tank, 2007, Fox
Hilltop water tank

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