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AA Battery Bishopbriggs

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A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited near Bishopbriggs, Cadder, Glasgow. Site number GNG2 (early), N2 (later). Part of the , the battery was also known as Rusheyhill or Rushyhill.

Records indicate the battery was equipped with four emplacements, 4.5-inch guns, and an accommodation camp to the south.

A study of OS maps from the 1950s to the 1970s indicated that the command post was Type 1 and the emplacements almost certainly Type L. The battery also had one of the rare long magazines situated in what is now the next field to the east and the standard Type L site layout of one magazine to two emplacements. The gun store/workshop building can also be identified on the maps. However, additional buildings to the north were also noted, and these may have been the engine room and computer room, both of which are known to have been associated with later radar and gun technology when a World War II battery was converted for Cold War service.

There are no surviving remains of the battery or camp evident on the site, with demolition and clearance having taken place during the 1980s.

Postwar demolition

A local contribution reports that remains of the battery were extant into the 1970s (the marker was repositioned after this information was received, and is now in the correct position, according to OS mapping, confirming the memory):

Growing up in the area, I well remember the remains of this gun emplacement being visible in the 70s from the road. BUT I think you were looking in the wrong place - my memory puts them further north, and if you look at the aerial photo there is a possible site immediately north of the indicator.

I remember playing in the buildings as a child in the late seventies, very early eighties, the farmer's son was a friend of mine. On the walls inside one of the buildings were lists of ammunition, the number of rounds of each type. The buildings were demolished on request of the farmer as they were being used by vagrants.

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