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AA Battery Ardeer

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A World War II anti-aircraft battery was sited near Stevenston, North Ayrshire. Site number 1C. Part of the , the site was known as Ardeer or Stevenston.

Records describe the battery as having been located on a small peninsula south of Stevenston and west of the Ardeer works, and been equipped with four emplacements.

There are no surviving remains to be found, as the surrounding area has been reclaimed from its past industrial use, and a water treatment plant constructed to the east. Examination of old maps which include views of this area in its prewar state show that it was used variously as an ironworks, gasworks, and colliery, and was provided with rail access which reached as far as the shore.

We have also been given local reports of a further emplacement located about a mile to the south, just past the end of sea wall, and described as having had its iron 'shrapnel armour' still in place until the mid to late 2000s.

No record has been made for this emplacement.

Ardeer Coastal Battery

Described as a Victorian coastal battery, and built to protect the Nobel Explosives works. Although shown near the site of the World War II battery, the actual location of this coastal battery is unknown. The record describes two 12-pounder QF guns on MKI mountings installed, together with searchlights. A further 6-inch gun emplacement is reported to have been installed in 1916.

As with the World War II battery, there are no surviving remains.

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