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AA Batteries Clyde

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This page is locked to prevent accidental updates, as data listed here should be taken from the pages for the sites concerned, and not entered here first.

(:quicktoc:) Tabulated summary of the location information collected for the AA Batteries found the the area of the Clyde Valley and Glasgow.

The Site Name column shows most of the battery names given in the individual reports for each battery.

NOTE Small initial letters such as aN10 are used to overcome an unsolved gma recipe bug that fouls up use of the link='name' option.

Clyde HAA data from the RAA (Royal Artillery Association) link given later is shown in the left side of the table below. RCAHMS data appears in the right side, in columns gma2 and VE2, tagged with RC in the link name. Other data and sources should be detailed in the Notes column.

Site Name(s) Site No. Early Site No. Late OS Grid Ref OS Map gma1 VE1 SeSco Page Notes gma2 VE2
Hall Hill, Hallhill, Edinburgh Road, Easterhouse, Ware Road, Queenslie Ind Est GNG1 N1 NS 671 653 Multi map N1 Hall Hill Map jump VE view AA Battery Easterhouse --- Easterhouse N1 RC Map jump VE2 view
Bishopbriggs, Rusheyhill, Rushyhill, South Lenzie GNG2 N2 NS 636 704 Multi map N2 Rushyill Map jump VE view AA Battery Bishopbriggs --- Bishopbriggs N2 RC Map jump VE2 view
Wester Balmuidy, Black Hill, Blackhill Farm GNG3 N3 NS 580 710 Multi map N3 Black Hill Map jump VE view AA Battery Wester Balmuidy --- Wester Balmuidy N3 RC Map jump VE2 view
Garscadden, Bearsden, Drumchapel, Jedworth Avenue GNG4 N4 NS 529 714 Multi map N4 Garscadden Map jump VE view AA Battery Garscadden --- Garscadden N4 RC Map jump VE2 view
--- GNG5 --- NS 666 754 Multi map gNG5 --- Map jump VE view --- Point lands on Inchbelle Farm Kirkintilloch, nothing in CANMORE within 1 mile radial search --- ---
--- GNG6 --- NS 690 800 Multi map gNG6 --- Map jump VE view --- Point lies in desolate area 1.7 miles west and south of Drumnessie --- ---
Duntocher, Mountblow --- N5 NS 492 732 Multi map N5 Duntocher Map jump VE view AA Battery Duntocher --- Duntocher N5 RC Map jump VE2 view
Bellsmyre, Brackenhurst --- N6 NS 399 770 Multi map N6 Bellsmyre Map jump VE view AA Battery Bellsmyre --- Bellsmyre N6 RC Map jump VE2 view
Greenland, Rigangower --- N7 NS 439 753 Multi map N7 Greenland Map jump VE view AA Battery Greenland --- Greenland N7 RC Map jump VE2 view
Caldarvan, Loch End, Blair Quhanan --- N8 NS 422 830 Multi map N8 Blair Quhanan Map jump VE view AA Battery Caldarvan --- Caldarvan N8 RC Map jump VE2 view
Mugdock Wood, Mugdock Castle --- N9 NS 543 773 Multi map N9 Mugdock Map jump VE view AA Battery Mugdock --- Mugdock N9 RC Map jump VE2 view
Upper Helensburgh --- N10 --- --- --- --- --- Only name and number, from Mugdock's web site page --- ---
Netherhouses --- N11 NS 674 715 Multi map N11 Netherhouses Map jump VE view AA Battery Netherhouses --- Netherhouses N11 RC Map jump VE2 view
Drumbowie, Drumbowie Farm, Glenmavis --- N12 NS 750 689 Multi map N12 Ryding Map jump VE view AA Battery Drumbowie ---- Drumbowie N12 RC Map jump VE2 view
Blantyreferme, Blantyre Farm Road GSG1 S1 NS 682 598 Multi map S1 Blantyreferme Map jump VE view AA Battery Blantyreferme --- Blantyreferme S1 RC Map jump VE2 view
East Rogerton GSG2 S2 NS 632 570 Multi map S2 Rogerton Map jump VE view AA Battery East Rogerton --- East Rogerton S2 RC Map jump VE2 view
Carnbooth, Mid Netherton, Carmunnock, Netherton Braes GSG3 S3 NS 582 585 Multi map S3 Carmunock Map jump VE view AA Battery Carnbooth --- Carnbooth S3 RC Map jump VE2 view
Nitshill, Darnley, Corselet Wood GSG4 S4 NS 546 594 Multi map S4 Darnley Map jump VE view AA Battery Nitshill --- Nitshill S4 RC Map jump VE2 view
Dykebar Hill, Dykebarhill GSG5 S5 NS 498 623 Multi map S5 Dykebarhill Map jump VE view AA Battery Dykebar Hill --- Dykebar Hill S5 RC Map jump VE2 view
Linwood, Middleton, Loch End GSG6 S6 NS 453 641 Multi map S6 Linwood Map jump VE view AA Battery Linwood --- Linwood S6 RC Map jump VE2 view
Drumcross, Shilton GSG7 S7 NS 452 709 Multi map S7 Drumcross Map jump VE view AA Battery Drumcross --- Drumcross S7 RC Map jump VE2 view
Houston, East Yonderton GSG8 S8 NS 396 670 Multi map S8 Houston Map jump VE view AA Battery Houston --- Houston S8 RC Map jump VE2 view
Bogside, Langbank, Gallahill Wood GSG9 S9 NS 376 721 Multi map S9 Bogside Map jump VE view AA Battery Bogside --- Bogside S9 RC Map jump VE2 view
Limekilnburn, Thorniehill --- S10 NS 695 509 Multi map S10 Limekilnburn Map jump VE view AA Battery Limekilnburn Thorniehill --- Limekilnburn Thorniehill S10 RC Map jump VE2 view
Hangingshaw, Toryglen --- S11 NS 600 615 Multi map S11 Hangingshaw Map jump VE view AA Battery Hangingshaw --- Hangingshaw S11 RC Map jump VE2 view
--- --- S12 NS 539 628 Multi map S12 --- Map jump VE view --- Point is west of Pollock Park in midst of modern housing. RAA location only. There is NO RCAHMS RECORD for this site --- ---
Moorpark, Hillington Estate, East Arkleston, --- S13 NS 510 662 Multi map S13 Moorpark Map jump VE view AA Battery Moorpark --- Moorpark S13 RC Map jump VE2 view
Millthird, Pattistion, Lochliboside Hills --- S14 NS 451 573 Multi map S14 Millthird Map jump VE view AA Battery Millthird SEE also CD47 AA Battery Pattiston Millthird S14 RC Map jump VE2 view
Devol, Devol Farm --- AS1 NS 331 734 Multi map aS1 Devol Map jump VE view AA Battery Devol --- Devol aS1 RC Map jump VE2 view
Whin Hill, Whinhill --- AS2 NS 275 749 Multi map aS2 Whinhill Map jump VE view AA Battery Whinhill --- Whinhill aS2 RC Map jump VE2 view
Tower Hill, Barr Hill --- AS3 NS 238 770 Multi map aS3 Tower Hill Map jump VE view AA Battery Tower Hill --- Tower Hill aS3 RC Map jump VE2 view
Flatterton --- AS4 NS 229 747 Multi map aS4 Flatterton Map jump VE view AA Battery Flatterton --- Flatterton aS4 RC Map jump VE2 view
Gourock, Larkfield, Coves GSG10 AS5 NS 246 765 Multi map aS5 Larkfield Map jump VE view AA Battery Larkfield --- Larkfield aS5 RC Map jump VE2 view
Port Glasgow, High Mathernock, Mathernock Bridge --- AS6 NS 321 706 Multi map aS6 Mathernock Map jump VE view AA Battery High Mathernock --- High Mathernock aS6 RC Map jump VE2 view
Wemyss Bay --- AS7 NS 194 702 Multi map aS7 Wemyss Bay Map jump VE view AA Battery Wemyss Bay 2 sites: WWII AS7 site data from RAA site. Postwar CD58a site data from RCAHMS, which has no WWII site data. --- ---
Mollandhu, Geilston Burn, Cardross Crematorium And Cemetery --- AN1 NS 335 788 Multi map aN1 Mollandhu Map jump VE view AA Battery Mollandhu --- Mollandhu aN1 RC Map jump VE2 view
Helensburgh, Woodend, Ardencaple Wood --- AN2 NS 292 839 Multi map aN2 Woodend Map jump VE view AA Battery Woodend --- Woodend aN2 RC Map jump VE2 view
Kilgreggan, South Ailey Road, Hamlet Hill --- AN3 NS 225 813 Multi map aN3 Killgreggan Map jump VE view AA Battery Kilcreggan --- Kilcreggan aN3 RC Map jump VE2 view
Cardross, Murrays --- AN4 NS 338 774 Multi map aN4 Cardross Map jump VE view AA Battery Cardross --- Cardross aN4 RC Map jump VE2 view
Rosneath, Parkhead, Dark Wood --- AN5 NS 263 815 Multi map aN5 Rosneath Map jump VE view AA Battery Rosneath 2 sites: WWII and Postwar Rosneath aN5 RC Map jump VE2 view
Mamore, Peaton Road --- AN6 NS 225 868 Multi map aN6 Mamore Map jump VE view AA Battery Mamore --- Mamore aN6 RC Map jump VE2 view
Whistlefield --- AN7 NS 194 702 Multi map aN7 Whistlefield Map jump VE view AA Battery Whistlefield RCAHMS also has Dunoon as AN7. Whistlefield aN7 RC Map jump VE2 view
Dunoon --- AN8 NS 168 795 Multi map aN8 Dunoon Map jump VE view AA Battery Dunoon RCAHMS also has Whistlefield as AN7. Dunoon aN8 RC Map jump VE2 view
Strone, Strone House, Faslane --- AN9 NS 261 899 Multi map aN9 Strone Map jump VE view AABatteryStrone --- Strone aN9 RC Map jump VE2 view
Glenacre --- AN10 NS 155 715 Multi map aN10 Glenacre Map jump VE view --- RAA location only. No RCAHMS entry recorded for this site. --- ---
Ardeer, Stevenston, Beach Park --- IC NS 2718 4033 Multi map --- --- AA Battery Ardeer --- Ardeer Map jump VE view
Stevenston, Hawkhill Farm --- IC1 NS 2788 4271 Multi map --- --- AA Battery Stevenston --- Stevenston Map jump VE view
Irvine, Gailes, Shewalton Moor --- IC2 NS 3173 3695 Multi map --- --- AA Battery Irvine --- Irvine Map jump VE view
Rocket (Z) Batteries
Duntocher, Faifley, Hardgate, Clydebank And District Golf Course --- CZ1 NS 5030 7245 Multi map --- --- Z Battery Duntocher --- Z Battery Duntocher Map jump VE view
Glasgow, Polmadie, Toryglen --- CZ2 NS 5995 6195 Multi map --- --- Z Battery Polmadie --- Z Battery Polmadie Map jump VE view
Greenock, Bow Hill, Craig's Top, Lyle Hill --- CZ4 NS 2600 7675 Multi map --- --- Z Battery Bow Hill --- Z Battery Bow Hill Map jump VE view
Unallocated Unknown Batteries
Irvine, Bogside Racecourse --- --- NS 30436 39779 Multi map --- --- AA Battery Bogside Racecourse Site No. unknown Bogside Racecourse Map jump VE view
Foxbar --- --- NS 4475 6023 Multi map --- --- AA Battery Foxbar Site No. unknown, and could be S or AS Foxbar Map jump VE view
Dykehead --- --- NS 661 475 Multi map --- --- AA Battery Dykehead Site No. unknown, RCAHMS lists this site location as 'possible' Dykehead possible Map jump VE view
Unknown Craigmaddie Gun Emplacements --- --- NS 599 762 Multi map --- --- Craigmaddie Muir Decoy Site Co-ordinates from site visit. No current record or known info, so is included on Craigmaddie Muir decoy page. Unknown Craigmaddie Emplacements Map jump VE view
--- --- --- NS 246 765 Multi map BS2 --- Map jump VE view --- Listed by RAA only as BS2. Nothing else known. It just seems to be Larkfield - GSG10 AS5. --- ---
--- --- E4 --- --- --- --- AA Battery Loch Tollie
--- --- E5 --- --- --- --- AA Battery Inverasdale
--- --- EDG1 --- --- --- --- AA Battery Restalrig
--- --- RNG2 --- --- --- --- AA Battery Primrose Farm
Postwar Batteries
Bellsmyre --- CD9 --- --- --- --- AA Battery Bellsmyre There is NO EVIDENCE for this, other than the CD9 Site No. given in the RCAHMS record for WWII site N6 Bellsmyre --- ---
Stockiemuir, Tamnetherskins, Quinloch Muir, Finnich --- CD14a --- Multi map --- --- AA Battery Stockiemuir See this page for details of a Postwar battery's structure. Stockiemuir cD14a RC Map jump VE2 view
Limekilnburn, Thorniehill --- CD36a --- Multi map --- --- AA Battery Limekilnburn Thorniehill --- Limekilnburn Thorniehill cD36a RC Map jump VE2 view
Pattiston, Lochboiside Hills --- CD47 --- Multi map --- --- AA Battery Pattiston See also S14 AA Battery Millthird Pattiston cD47 Map jump VE2 view
Wemyss Bay, Wemyss Plantation --- CD58a --- Multi map --- --- AA Battery Wemyss Plantation WWII battery AS7 was near same site Wemyss Plantation cD58a RC Map jump VE2 view
Rosneath --- --- --- Multi map --- --- AA Battery Rosneath WWII battery AN5 was near same site Rosneath Postwar RC Map jump VE2 view


Darnley GSG4 S4
Mugdock's page has S4 as Foxbar at Paisley / Barrhead Road, but that's extremely unlikely.
Rosneath AN5
This was Chilston in the original listing.
Dunoon AN8
Problem to be resolved as Royal Artillery has this as AN8 and RCAHMS has it as AN7.

Postwar Battery notes

  • The Stockimuir RCAHMS record states that there were SIX Postwar gun sites built, FIVE being around Glasgow.
  • The Rosneath RCAHMS record state that TWENTY 5.25-inch guns were disposed of as scrap on 16 July 1956 to McConnel of Coatbridge.
  • The Wemyss Bay RCAHMS records state that there were FIVE Postwar gun sites around Glasgow.
  • The Limekilnburn Viewfield report refers to Stockiemuir and Pattiston conforming to the standard layout.

Gun Operating Rooms or Control Rooms

  1. AAOR Inverkip
  2. AAOR Torrance House

Anti-Aircraft Defence on the Clyde

The 12th Anti-Aircraft Division was responsible for the defence of the Clyde Basin from enemy aircraft attacks. The Division's emblem was a red triangle with a double-six domino superimposed. Most of the anti-aircraft batteries on the Clyde were equipped with four 3.7" calibre guns. Only two batteries had the larger 4.5" calibre. (Needs confirmation).

12th Anti-Aircraft Division Headquarters

Below are the military units which were under the control of the 12th Anti-Aircraft Division. (These listings are based on those shown on the Mugdock Battery's own web site, and is occasionally at variance with the RCAHMS records, so is included for information only.

Anti–Aircraft Support

Heavy Anti-Aircraft batteries around the Clyde Basin

As listed on the Mugdock Battery's web site - dead link was http://www.mugdock-country-park.org.uk/gunsite/gunsite.htm

North Side of the River Clyde

N1  Queenslie Industrial Estate.
N2  Rushyhill, South Lenzie.
N3  Blackhill Farm, Balmuildy.
N4  Bearsden (Chesters Rd/Station Rd)
N5  Craigmaddie.
N6  Khyber Pass, Craigend.
N7  Duntiglennan Farm, Duntocher.
N8  Gooseholm Farm, Dumbarton.
N9  Geilston, Cardross.
N10 Upper Helensburgh
N11 Garelochhead.
N12 Coulport, Loch Long.

South Side of the River Clyde

S1  Blantyre Farm
S2  Aitkenhead Road, Kings Park.
S3  Ralston Golf Club,
S4  Foxbar (Paisley/Barrhead Road)
S5  Neilston (Barrhead/Lugton Road)
S6  Linwood.
S7  Drumcross Farm, Bishopton.
S8  Whin Hill, Greenock

How anti-aircraft batteries operated

Throughout World War II, anti-aircraft gun batteries were known as "Ack-Ack" units. Most anti-aircraft guns used in World War II had a calibre of either 3.7-inch (9.4 cm) or 4.5-inch (11.4 cm). Each was fitted with an open-backed shield made from mild steel, giving some protection to the gun crew. A command post contained the fire-control instruments including a predictor, height finder and radar equipment. Each gun battery around the Clyde Basin would have fired in sequence once enemy aircraft came within range.

A 4.5-inch anti-aircraft gun:

  1. Weighed just under 15 tonnes and could fire shells at a rate of 8 rounds per minute.
  2. Could be raised to an angle of 80 degrees and turned full-circle through 360 degrees.
  3. Could fire a 24.4 kg shell which left the muzzle at a speed of 270 metres per second.
  4. Had a range of 20,000 metres.

To target a 4.5-inch anti-aircraft gun:

  1. The Radar located an enemy aircraft's position when it was around 16 Kilometers away.
  2. The Predictor was given the enemy aircraft's position and added to this information about:
    1. temperature
    2. wind speed
    3. wind direction
    4. speed at which the shell would leave the gun muzzle
    5. enemy aircraft's estimated speed and height

This information was passed to each of the four gun crews who loaded the cordite charges and shells into the guns, targeted them, set the range, then fired.

Royal Artillery Association GDA information

Scottish HAA areas listed, with number of batteries (Note that this info is incomplete, as per the original RAA source):

  1. Aberdeen 3
  2. Ardeer - Ayrshire 2
  3. Castletown - Caithness 1
  4. Clyde 45
  5. Dundee 3
  6. Forth 20
  7. Fort William - W Highlands 2
  8. Invergordon - Highland 2
  9. Kinloss - Moray (RAF) 2
  10. Kyle of Lochalsh (Port ZA) 2
  11. Loch Ewe
  12. Lossiemouth
  13. Lough Erne
  14. Oban
  15. Perth
  16. Scapa 25
  17. Shetlands
  18. Wick

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