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Tunnel Tigers

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The Tunnel Tigers were a group of 45 workers which set a wolrd record for rock breaking in 1955, when they worked their way through 557 feet (17 0m) of rock in seven days.

The record was set while working on the St Fillans section of the Breadalbane Hydro Scheme in Perthshire.

The team included Poles, Czechs, Highlanders, and Irishmen, who came to live in the camps and work on the numerous hydro schemes created at the time.

In 2016, SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) announced plans to design and install a commemorative plaque at the site of the world record.

The Tunnel Tigers worked round the clock to achieve the feat, for which they received a 20 bonus at the time, equivalent to about 2,000 in 2016 values.

But the work was often dangerous and carried out under difficult conditions, which took their toll at the time and over subsequent decades. Some workers paid the ultimate price with their lives, while others suffered life-changing injuries. Many workers also suffered from lung illnesses caused by the unhealthy working conditions found deep underground.

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