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Toward Point Jetty

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Toward Point jetty, 2008, Fox
Toward Point jetty

Toward Point jetty lay on the first point west of Toward lighthouse on the Cowal peninsula.

Responsibility for building the jetty is unknown, however it may be associated with the presence of a nearby limekiln which predates the 1867 map of the area. At some time between publication of the 1869 1:10,000 and 1899 1:2,500 maps of the area, the jetty was constructed in the bay between the kiln and the lighthouse, and was only shown on maps published up to 1924.

Constructed without mortar, the jetty has suffered significant erosion from the sea and much of its structure has collapsed, which means the existence of its remains may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer. The area to the north or shoreward side of the remains appears to have been cleared of debris, allowing boats to sit safely on the beach at low tide.

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