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Snib Scott

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Henry Ewing Torbet, Snib Scott, 1981
Snib Scott in 1981
Henry Ewing Torbet
© Keith Brown

Snib Scott was the name Henry Ewing Torbet (1912 - 1983) was known as while he was the resident of Bennane Cave, Ayrshire, at NX 092 862.

He was described as being very proud, and would not accept charity in the form of gifts of food or clothing, and these had to be left on the dyke near the cave, where he would collect them only after the donor had left.

Bennane Cave

Bennane Cave, 2003
Bennane Cave
© Keith Brown

Bennane Cave lies to the north of Ballantrae, towards Bennane Head, on what is now the closed and bypassed original coastal section of the A77, which has been rerouted and straightened to cope with the road traffic heading to and from the Stranraer and Cairnryan ferries.

Memorial Cairn

Snib memorial cairn, 2007
Snib memorial cairn
© Keith Brown

A memorial cairn lies nearby at NX 091 861 erected by public subscription, constructed of stones from the shore by Mr Sparkhall of Ballantrae.

The inscription reads:



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