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Skeoch Utility Car Company

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The Skeoch Utility Car Company was located in Dalbeattie, Kirkudbrightshire.

It manufactured the Skeoch Utility Car, a cyclecar manufactured in 1921 which sold for 180 complete, or at a reduced cost of 165 without accessories. A 348 cc single-cylinder Precision engine powered the cyclecar and was fitted with a two-speed Burman gearbox using a chain for its final-drive.

It was the cheapest car on display at the Scottish Motor Show in 1921, when the first example on display was sold within minutes, and remaining 9 examples followed before the show was over.

It is believed only those 10 examples were completed at the factory, before it was destroyed by fire.

Owner James Skeoch was uninsured, and the business did not recover.

2018 Plan to rebuild a working Skeoch

In early 2018, plans were announced to rebuild a working car using some of the original parts and drawings, in time to mark its centenary.

The project will use the skills of volunteers from the Dalbeattie Men's Shed together with original drawings and parts, including the radiator badge, which were found in the Wishaw home of Ron Skeoch, James Skeoch's son, after he died during 2017.

James Skeoch's granddaughter, Fiona Sinclair, will also be involved in the project. Although she never knew her grandfather, who died in 1954, she hopes her mother (Skeoch's daughter) will be able to ride in the finished example.[1]


1 Drive to rebuild 'forgotten' early car - BBC News Retrieved 04 March 2018.

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