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Rosehearty Bombing Range

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Rosehearty Tower, 2007, © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/6284
Rosehearty Tower
© Des Colhoun

A bombing range was operated in the sea off Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, on the north east coast of Scotland by the RAF until 2000.

An RAF bombing range was established in the sea off Rosehearty in the early 1950s, remaining in use until 2000, when it was closed and sold by Defence Estates through Ryden Property Consultants. Of the former Rosehearty Bombing Range observation tower near Fraserburgh, which could be converted into a private house, they noted: "It comes with the added benefit of bomb-proof and bullet-proof windows."

Subsequently developed as Rosehearty Tower, the building has been described locally as having originally cost £750,000 to build, and been sold for £75,000.

Although the bombing range is clearly indicated on maps as a Danger Area, and its operating hours published, this did not prevented its existence being disregarded. In 1995, members of Peterhead BSAC were bombed by four RAF Tornados which mistook the their orange dive-boat for their target float.[1]

Rosehearty Tower, 2007, © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/560
Rosehearty Tower
© David Hawgood

A question in Hansard of June 30, 1989, gives an indication of activity when the range was in operation:

Mr. Salmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many bombing and firing runs have been made on Rosehearty range in each year since 1979.

Mr. Neubert : Bombing and firing runs have been made on Rosehearty range as follows :

1979 to 1986--No records available.

1987--8,332 passes.

1988--8,547 passes.

1989 (to May)--4,363 passes.

© Crown Copyright

2017 For sale

Described as "The UK’s toughest home" having been designed to withstand the blast from a 2,000 lb bomb the tower was offered for sale in 2017, but the price had gone from £75 k to £350 k.

Converted into a family it features four bedrooms, two kitchens, a triple garage, spiral staircase, and retains the original bomb-proof windows.[2][3]


1 Reference to divers involved in active bombing range incident

2 ‘Bombproof’ home for sale in Aberdeenshire for £350k - The Scotsman Retrieved 30 April 2017.

3 Property details for Rosehearty Tower North Street Rosehearty Fraserburgh AB43 7NT - Zoopla Retrieved 30 April 2017.

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