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ROC Post Lochcarron

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Lochcarron ROC Post

The Loch CarronROC Post lies just on the outskirts of Loch Carron. We visited July 2013, and decided to have a look see even although it was marked as being locked. The padlocks on the hatch have been cut from underneath so to the untrained eye, it does look to be locked. The hatch opened easy without the need for the scottish T key. Inside was fairly intact as can be seen from the pictures with a lot of equipment still in place. The post is bone dry inside, with just some minor dampness to the paperwork within it.

A second visit in February 2014 was abandoned when we arrived on site as major roadworks right next to it are underway to widen the single track road adjacent, meaning no safe place could be found to park. Im planning another trip up this direction in the next month or two and plan to revisit the post to see if everything is still ok, as i fear the workers on the road "may" have had a nosey in it, which may have resulted in some theft ot vadalism.

The Royal Observer Corps (section of the RAF)was responsible for monitoring Nuclear Attacks and radiation. The ROC post for the district was at Coulags and can still be seen by the road side. It was about 18feet below ground.It had monitoring equpiment, generator, food rations, toilet and landline communications (known as WB400 and replaced by WB1400 in the early eighties) to the HQ in Inverness. There were regular 24 hr excercises, and weekly meetings were held in the Clubroom in Lochcarron. There were about ten members in the Lochcarron group. It was known as "51 post".Other post in the area were Kyle,Plockton, and Dornie.


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