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Perwinnes Hill

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Radar tower, 2007
Radar tower
© Martin Yarrow

Perwinnes Hill, a few miles east of Aberdeen Airport (IATA: ABZ, ICAO: EGPD), Dyce, is the site of a National Air Traffic service (NATS) radar, also compatible with military air traffic systems, as confirmed by a past answer in Hansard.

The radar installation at Perwinnes Hill supplies primary and secondary data to controllers at Aberdeen Airport, and to the Scottish Area Control Centre at Prestwick. Primary data from Perwinnes Hill received at Aberdeen Airport is pre-processed, with both MTI (Moving Target Indicator) and plot extraction applied to remove ground clutter and successive plots not meeting specified criteria for the formation of tracks. Plot extraction is performed at the radar site and the processed data fed to Aberdeen Airport by modem. This processing eliminates any targets which do not move by a defined amount within a specified time period. This would include, for example, a hovering or slow-moving helicopter. The acceptability of this type of processing at Aberdeen is notable given the high volume of helicopter traffic there, related to transport movements in support of oil platform operations.

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