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East entrance gate, 2007, Fox
East entrance gate

Peaton Hill magazine, or ammunition store, was constructed to the southeast of Coulport on the Rosneath peninsula during World War II, on the south side of Peaton Road. The 1965 1" Ordnance Survey map shows the road system of the site, which is still largely extant in 2007, and some sixteen buildings. The War Department (WD) type steel post and chain link fence, painted green, still remains on all the site boundaries.

Remains from the time amount to a number of assorted concrete bases which would have formed the building foundations. Only two significant buildings have been reported, both corrugated iron buildings having a reinforced concrete covering approximately six inches thick which has then been banked up with earth, and would have served as the actual magazines. One building has survived relatively intact, and was latterly used as a hay bale store for the residential centre which has taken over the site. This building is reported to have the name of the American manufacturer stamped into the metal, still visible within the building. More unusually, we have been told that this hut contains a picture of Hitler, described as being etched onto the end wall. This remains unconfirmed. The second building was partly cut into the hillside, but has suffered a collapse towards its rear, leaving only the entrance open.

Although the material may be American, visible design and construction features of the buildings identify them as Nissen huts.


The site has been turned into a residential centre for artists and writers, and forms part of Cove Conservation Park. [1] Accommodation is either in converted shipping containers, or in the pods which were used for the BBC programme Castaway, broadcast in 2000, where a group of people were left to fend for themselves on the island of Taransay for a year - not counting the TV crew in attendance.


Magazine front, 2007, Fox
Magazine front
Magazine rear, 2007, Fox
Magazine rear


1 Cove Park - Inspired Thinking Retrieved May 06, 2011.

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