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Navy Buildings Greenock

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Navy Buildings, Eldon St, 2008
Navy Buildings, Eldon St
© Thomas Nugent

Navy Buildings, Greenock were established on the site of the old Fort Matilda coastal battery when the Royal Naval Torpedo Factory was constructed on the land to the west, and housed the factory offices.

Since then, much of the factory and the original buildings have been demolished, and a new building came to occupy the site on the southern shore of the Firth of Clyde. This large building served as the local office of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and home to HMS Dalriada (a Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) training centre), until the end September 2012, when the property was placed on the market by the MoD following the closure of the coastguard facilities based there. The 90,000 square-foot building was fully vacated by the end of 2012. The commercial agent handling the sale suggested that the building "may be suitable for residential, care home, serviced offices/apartments" and issued a prospectus which pointed out the river views, waterfront location, and close proximity to Fort Matilda railway station as key attractions.[1]

HMS Dalriada relocated within the facilities of the Royal Marines Reserve Scotland Headquarters, 37-51 Birkmyre Road, Govan.


Navy Buildings from Lyle Hill 2012
Navy Buildings from Lyle Hill
© Thomas Nugent
Navy Buildings, 2008
Navy Buildings
© Thomas Nugent


1 GVA | Property 5461 | Navy Buildings, Eldon Street, Greenock, PA16 7SL Retrieved February 04, 2013.

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