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Millport Wedge

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The Wedge
The Wedge

Known as The Wedge, the world's narrowest house (as recognised by the Guinness book of World Records) is situated in Millport on Great Cumbrae, just off the North Ayrshire coast.

Downstairs, the property has a small porch and lounge/kitchen. Upstairs, a bedroom and bathroom/shower-room.

Approximately 22 feet long and 11 feet wide at its widest point (6.7 m by 3.35 m), the front measures just 47 inches (1.19 m), providing just enough width to accommodate the front door. Built in 1875, the house was rented as a holiday home in recent years.

In May 2001, the house was advertised for sale at £27,000. The final price was not released, although the new owners were reported to have applied for permission to add a further floor.

In September 2002, a news item noted that The Wedge would sleep four, and was being let from £275 a week.

Britain's smallest house

Britain's smallest house, 2008
Britain's smallest house
© Ben Cooper

By way of comparison, the Smallest House in Britain is claimed to be situated in a beautiful position on the quayside in Conwy. North Wales.

The red painted, one up one down, measures only 1.8 metres wide. (We make that about 0.5 metres wider than The Wedge, which we also think is British).

Built as a fisherman's cottage, the last person said to live in the cottage was Robert Jones, 6 feet 3 inches tall.

World's narrowest house

Completed in 2012, the Keret House has in Poland has been claimed to be the narrowest in the world. constructed in an alley only 152 cm wide in Warsaw.

Designed by Jakub Szczęsny, it has 14 square metres of floorspace, and has an interior that varies in width from 72 cm to 122 cm (we make that 3 cm wider than The Wedge, which we also think is in the World).[1]

A video in The Guardian drops the width a further 2 cm to 120 cm, but that still seems to be 1 cm wider than The Wedge, or the same, since The Guardian converts 120 cm to 47 inches.[2]

However, there is possibly a tiny problem. The Polish artist's house appears to be temporary, and may only be in place for two years, so does not really qualify as a house.


Millport Wedge, 2003
Millport Wedge
© Finlay Fraser
The Wedge sign
The Wedge

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