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Meoble Lodge

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Meoble lies on the eastern bank of the River Meoble, and 3 miles to the north of Lochailort, on the eastern bank of the River Meoble. The nearest main road is the A830, which passes through Lochailort.

The River Meoble flows north from Loch Beoraid, for almost 3 miles, before reaching to Loch Morar, and passes Meoble Lodge approximately two thirds of the way along its length. Detailed OS mapping has a helicopter landing pad marked near the site. No pictures of the location have surfaced, so far.

There seems to be little to relate regarding Meoble, other than the tale of The Grey Dog of Meoble, said to prowl the woods between Arisaig and Morar, red eyed, slobbering, and scaring anyone that dares to venture there. Perhaps a friend to Morag, the monster said inhabit Loch Morar.

During World War II, Meoble Lodge was requisitioned for training, and used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a Special Training School, designated STS23.

The lodge was used as a training base by French agents of SOE before being returned home to perform acts of sabotage, and is believed to have specialised in para-military training such as: close combat, fieldcraft, weapons, explosives, demolition, and signalling.

Having passed the lodge, the river carries on to flow into Loch Morar, near a small pier on the southern shore. Swordland Lodge, STS23b, lies on the opposite shore, approximately one mile to the north,

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