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Lunan Bay Defences

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Lunan Bay defences after storm, 2003
Lunan Bay defences after storm
© Anne Burgess

Lunan Bay is a large inlet of the North Sea, to the south of Montrose on the Angus coast.

During the winter of 2002, a severe storm disturbed the beach sand, revealing a mass of scaffolding, described as World War II anti-tank defences. Since then, it has been reported that the scaffolding has been reclaimed by the dunes.

Lunan Water ani-tank blocks, 2006
Lunan Water anti-tank blocks
© Ann Burgess

A line of anti-tank blocks lay across the mouth of Lunan Water.

Dragon's Teeth, 2006
Dragon's Teeth
© Ann Burgess

A triple row of blocks, Dragon's Teeth, ran parallel to the beach about 300 yards north of Home Farm.

There are at least two demolished pillboxes along the shore south of Home Farm, together with a concrete water tank, and the remains of slit trenches and gun positions. Several posts protruding from the sand at the north end of the mouth of Lunan Water could well be anti-glider landing obstacles as seen at Burntisland Beach, Fife.

There is a modified Type 27 pillbox just south of Red Castle. This type normally had a roof position for mounting a machine gun as light anti-aircraft protection, with the entrance set three feet above the internal floor of the pillbox. In this example there is no roof opening, and a good sized room clearly intended as a command post occupies the area.

On the beach south of Redcastle Farm the shore rises to a height of around 50 feet. Where the land begins to rise, there is a terrace about ten feet above the beach which was originally a trench system, and a Type 22 pillbox sits ten feet above that at the northern end. The shore continues to rise for another 30 feet or so above these positions. On the beach immediately in front of the terrace are the remains of a concrete anti-landing obstacle. More anti-tank blocks are known to exist at Corbie Knowe and Ethie Haven, and an unknown building (possibly communications) exists at NO68904990.


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