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Lowther Hill

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Lowther Hill lies about one mile south east of the old lead mining village of Wanlockhead. The hill is the second highest peak of the Lowther Hills, part of the Southern Uplands, and rises to some 2,378 feet (725 m).

National Air Traffic Services

Lowther Hill Radar Station, 2008
Lowther Hill Radar Station 2008
© Scott

Lowther Hill is the site of one of the radar system used by NATS (National Air Traffic Services), which is the United Kingdom's main air navigation service provider, with air movements north of Carlisle being handled by the Scottish Area Control Centre (SACC). Primarily a civilian operation for the UK, all operations are fully integrated with military operations to ensure air safety in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

The radar equipment at Lowther Hill is now enclosed within the familiar golf ball style of radome, which was not fitted originally, and protects the radar antennae from adverse weather.

Lowther Hill Radar Station, 2003
Lowther Hill Radar Station 2003
© Andy Stephenson

Green Hill Trough Receiver Station

Green Trough Receiver Station, 2007
Green Trough Receiver Station
© david johnston

Located to the northeast, on the access road between Lowther Hill and Green Hill is Green Hill Trough, the site of a receiver station which forms part of the Lowther Hill air traffic radar installation.

Green Hill Relay

Green Hill Relay, 2004
Green Hill Relay
© david johnston

Green Hill lies approximately one kilometre northeast of Lowther Hill, along the same access road, and is the site of a number of masts carrying various commercial microwave and radio links.

Green Lowther Transmitter Station

Green Lowther Transmitter Station, 2007
Green Lowther Transmitter Station
©david johnston

The hill is also the site of the NATS Green Lowther Transmitter Station.

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