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Last Button A/B Telephone Box

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The last Button A Button B telephone box to have been upgraded to automatic operation on the mainland is believed to have been located about 12 miles west of Thurso in the north of Scotland, at the junction of the A836 and the A897.

In October 1992 the box was upgraded, when the event received national coverage on BBC news.

The old equipment required the caller to put your coins in the slot before making their the caller could press Button B to cancel their call, and release their coins into a small tray at the front of the box.

Other Button A Button B boxes survived for a time on the more remote islands off the Scottish coast.

We suspect this telephone box no longer exists, although the site has not been visited. A look at the same spot in Street View appears to show no box at the junction, and only a concrete base in the grass verge, where it may have stood.


Aerial view



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