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Knock Hill

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Knock Hill summit, 2004
Knock Hill summit 2004
© Richard Webb

Knock Hill rises to some 1,189 ft (362 m), and overlooks the Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife. The two distinct spelling are intentional.


The hill was once used as the site of a Royal Navy transmitting station. This facility is no longer operational, and the hill is now the site of a number of civilian and commercial transmitters and relays.

Racing Circuit

Knockhill circuit entrance, 2006
Knockhill circuit entrance 2006
© Paul McIlroy

Knockhill Racing Circuit has existed beneath Knock Hill since 1974, when the first formal motorcycle race was held there to mark its opening, which followed many years of effort and investment on behalf of the owners and organisers. Since then, the track has gone on to become Scotland's National Motor Racing Circuit, and marked its serious entry into the country's motor racing schedule when the British Touring Car Championship made its first appearance there in 1992. Since then, the track and its facilities have been expanded and improved, further increasing its potential and popularity.

UNITER Building

A short way to the east of Knock Hill and the racing circuit, just across the approach road, is a cleared area containing an abandoned, hardened, blast-proof, above-ground communications bunker. The Dunfermline UNITER building is believed to date from 1992 and formerly played a vital role providing secure voice and data links in the UK's Defence Fixed Telecommunications System (DFTS) network known as UNITER, designed by Marconi Communications Ltd.

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