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Kirn Rifle Range

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Rifle range, Agyllshire map, 1900
Rifle range mapped c. 1900

The site of a former rifle range has been identified near Kirn, north of Dunoon. The range extended some 500 yards east from Target Wood towards the village, over land now occupied by Cowal Golf Course.

Believed to have been constructed during the 1860s, the range appears on maps dating from 1868 to 1923. These show the butts to have been located in the southern part of the wood, while the firing point is indicated some 500 yards to the east - near buildings on a track which leads north from Crawford Lane. The maps also show a flagstaff (FS) near the butts, and local accounts recall the existence of a flagpole sited there, and which flew a red warning flag when the range was in use.

The final closure date of the range is unknown.

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