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Kingask Listening Station

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See also Hawklaw.

Kingask listening station was a World War II radio intercept station lying to the north of Cupar, Fife. The station appears to have consisted of two installations, one at Kingask itself, and a second at Foxton, about half a mile to the northeast.

Records indicate that the station was designated as an Intercept Y Listening Station, or simply Y-Station, used to monitor coded German naval traffic, and operated as an outstation of Station X, the World War II codebreaking centre at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, England.

About 800 metres west of Kingask is Hawklaw, the site of another listening station. Records indicate that this station predates Kingask, but that it was also a Y intercept station and operated in conjunction with Bletchley Park.

Kingask and Foxton stations

Records of the listening station lack detail, but appear to suggest the existence of two distinct operating stations, with an aerial farm lying between the two. Two reports of RAF aerial photographs taken of the area in 1946 describe the main features. First, a station is described at Kingask on a site located about 400 metres west of Foxton farmstead. Four ground structures are identified on the site, including one surrounded by a fence, and six aerials around a hut at the other. A track links each, and then to the farm building to the west. Second, a station is described at Foxton on a site located about 550 metres east of Foxton Farmstead. One building with a pitched roof is identified within a rectangular fenced enclosure together with four aerial masts, and a possible machine gun post. Blast walls are also indicated around the building. A track links the fenced enclosure with the farm buildings to the west.

Farming and repeated ploughing have erased all evidence of these installations, and there are no remains visible of any of the stations, buildings, or masts, nor do they appear on later mapping of the area.

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