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Kilkenneth Radar Station

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Kilkenneth radar station is described as a Chain Home radar station which was located on the island of Tiree during World War II. The site has also been described as the location of a Gee transmitter, which would have provided navigation signals to guide World War II bombers. An accommodation camp was also located to the east of the station.

Kilkenneth radar station comprised of a transmitter and a receiver block together with two associated masts, reported as being visible on aerial photographs taken by the RAF during a survey in 1946. Only one mast is reported to have been standing at the time, with four concrete blocks marking the foundations of the other.

The site has also been confirmed as location of a later Gee station.[1]

Note that photographs originally identified as being of Kilkenneth in the Links below have been reclassified to identify them as Port Mor. Further information is provided on their own site.

Accomodation camp

The aerial survey also showed the accommodation camp to the east of Creagan House, and to consist of a number of Nissen huts south of a track. Creagan House features on modern mapping, but has no history or details can be found in any online references.


1 Mr I Brown, Radar Archive.

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