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Kelly's Cats

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Kelly's Cats, 2011 geograph
Kelly's Cats, 2011
© Colin Smith

Kelly's Cats were leopard sculptures on the northern balustrade of Aberdeen's Union Bridge which spans the Denburn Valley at the south end of Union Terrace Gardens, and are credited to William Kelly.

The southern balustrade of Union Bridge has been removed, together with its cats or leopards, however, these can still be seen in the Winter Gardens, Duthie Park.

Kelly's Cats, 2003
Kelly's Cats, 2003
© Jim Henderson

Full caption for pic on right: Aberdeen Scottish Leopard 'Kelly's cats' Union Bridge City Cast Iron adorn the Aberdeen coat-of arms with its motto of 'Bon Accord' or good-luck are part of the decorations for the parapet of the Union Bridge, the reason for the great street of the City being called Union Street.


Published on 27 June 2016 @ 14:35 h, a petition (misspelt) had attracted only 11 signatures when found in July 2017:

We have collected 11 signatures. Can you help us reach 100 signatures?

Petitioning Aberdeen City Council
Petition text

Please sign this petition to save Kelley's (sic) Cats.

Kelly's Cats have been part of Aberdeen's history since 1908. Now Aberdeen City Council want to replace them with something more modern!! We don't want 'something more modern' WE WANT TO KEEP KELLEY'S CATS!!!!

- Petition | Save Kelly's Cats in Aberdeen.[1]


1 Petition | Save Kelly's Cats in Aberdeen | English Retrieved 9 July 2017.

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