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Johnstone ARP Headquarters

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Johnstone ARP Headquarters were based within two large Nissen huts located between Kings Road and Williamson Place, Johnstone.

During the postwar years, the huts were taken over by a local car dealer, and used as storage for new and used cars.

It may be significant that Johnstone fire station is located adjacent to the site of the former ARP headquarters.

The huts were not maintained, and although remaining in use by the dealership, became increasingly dilapidated over the year, and were finally demolished and replaced by flats and maisonettes.

At the time of writing (2009), the aerial images shown by Google dated from 2002, and therefore still showed the decaying huts with sections of corrugated iron sheeting missing from their western ends. Later images from January 2005 (of lesser quality) show that both the huts and dealership had been removed from the site, and although work had not started on this spot, much of the surrounding area had been redeveloped.


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