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Innellan Old Jetty

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Innellan Old Jetty now only exists as remains on the shore side of the A815, barely discernible without prior knowledge of its presence, at the southern end of Inellan, similar to those of the Toward Point Jetty.

Although this site is now within the boundary of Toward, when it was originally constructed it was more likely to have been associated with Innellan, as developments at Toward were a couple of miles away.

The south side of the jetty makes use of a naturally occurring stone dyke. The north side was constructed with large roughly cut stone blocks. Old maps of the area suggests the jetty was built some time before 1867. The builder is unknown, as is the reason for its construction, or the date when it was closed, or fell into disuse. It last appears on maps published during the 1970s.

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